2018 Youth Summit

Lachlan with rainbow eyeshadow in front of balloons

One year ago today, I went to the first Centre LGBTQA+ Support Network Youth Summit, & had one of the best days of the year—it has significantly impacted the course of my life since then in the best way possible. Some of the people I met there have become my closest friends, & BYOQ youth group we formed following the event has been a joy every month since, & I discovered Camp Lightbulb.

This year, I got involved organizing the second Youth Summit. After weeks of planning, a few dozen queer/trans/ally/fabulous youth came, where we had workshops on sex ed, self care, political organizing, writing, makeup, a chat with @lgbtqaroundtablepsu, a keynote from Scott Fried, a dance, & so much more.

I’ve discovered a new side of myself this year, exploring new clothes & makeup & expression. I’m trying to move past my subconscious barriers & discover myself, a journey I’ll be on for the rest of my life but I can start now nonetheless. I hesitated to post this publicly—but this is authentically me, now. Sometimes I want to wear a skirt. Sometimes I put on makeup. Yesterday I had a magnificent day with old & new friends alike, & I’m so grateful for this community & what CLSN brings.


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